beautiful world.

The world is such a beautiful place. But it is also a broken world where ugly resides with beauty, evil resides with good.

The beauty is a reminder of God’s presence.

Why is their both? I don’t know the answer and believe me, I’ve had my times of shaking my fist at him. Thing is, God does not reject us for this. He understands and patiently waits for us to trust him through accepting both as it comes. What else can we do? Live out our lives with anger or bitterness? If we do, we’ll soon stop seeing the beauty.

calm sea

When life hurts, when things get tough, God always sends something beautiful. In fact, it’s when you are steeped in the ugliness that beauty becomes more vivid, more appreciated, and more focused.

Let peace settle over you. Be patient. Embrace beauty.


sure footing.

God is so great in his love, He continually places sure footing before our steps when things go wrong – even when we have messed up.


God doesn’t sit back like some of us do, just waiting for the ax to fall on someone. His mercy is so great and His compassion is so deep that He weeps over us.

When we focus on what God thinks about us, it changes our perspective.

Has a parent said or made you think no good will come of you?

Have you told yourself that you’re a failure because you failed?

These thoughts are not what God thinks.

He keeps guiding you in the right direction whether you think he does or not.

He is there.

With you.



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God is with us.

How is one gone and one spared in tragedies such as this?

It is a question we’ve all asked.

And the answer is: we don’t know.

Some people get very angry at God for this. I get that.

But ultimately, we have to reconcile yourself to the fact that there are mysteries we do not understand. God is close enough to us that we can experience him, but far away enough that we can’t grasp him.

It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

And to accept this is to trust him.

When you do that, you have peace.

god is with us

The Bible talks about the trials and tragedies of life in a broken world that is not perfected.

But it also talks about the beauty of life.

Know this for certain: God is with us.


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scripture friday.

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

                                                                                                                            - The Bible



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