light to my path.

This might seem trite to some who are reading, but please know it is not meant to be.

I am familiar with tragedy.

I am familiar with great emotional pain.

Trite is not in my vocabulary.

Today, I am writing to Christians. Men and women who know the Bible is what it says it is: a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

Yet, how often we neglect to remember this when we navigate through life, especially when it’s dark.

God gives humanity tools to use. In his goodness, people are not even aware they have used those tools and where they came from.

Christians know.

And yet, how often do we find ourselves going in a direction without the light to guide us.

It is very common and understandable to lash out at life, others, and even God when we’re hurting. The Psalms are full of the human response to pain.

If you stay in that state, you will become miserable and bitter. You will never find the peace you are looking for.

Many continue down this path, well, because we’re human.

Humans with emotions.

Emotions that need to be filtered through the light of God’s word. Emotions not tethered to something will wander to unknown places, causing even more upheaval to our well being.

God gently speaks to our pain.

Do you want to hear?

The words God speaks throughout the Bible is the very thing keeping me protected, calm, strong, patient, and yes … even joyful.

The joy happens after I have taken hold of his words of life as my own. When I find they work, the joy comes, because I know God is real and means what he says.


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12 thoughts on “light to my path.

  1. Even though I am acquainted with God’s words, I find that my flesh still lingers in the negative emotions brought on by grief. I have had many angry talks with God about my son’s death. I see people whom I deem undeserving of children enjoying life with them, while I am often hit with repeated agony over the loss of my much loved son.

    I know I will not understand why on this side of heaven. As much as I cry and question, God still gives me a certain peace that is overwhelming at times for which I am grateful. Learning from His Word increases my faith so that I can endure what I had thought would most certainly kill me. I know you know this, too.

  2. Thanks, I’m printing off this post, just what I needed for my pain. The tears came today and I think it was good Try to keep them back most of the time . I know you know what that’s like. Thanks for sharing your heart. God is meeting needs through you.

  3. Thank you for reaffirming that The Light continues to shine–even when we’re temporarily unable to “see” the way out of constant, freezing grief.

  4. I thought about the part where you said God gives us tools. He does, in every circumstance. I think it’s hard to recognize it at first, especially in a cloud of pain, grief, and suffering. God’s been through that too. It’s sometimes hard to see what He has experienced or what He is doing when we feel so much of that pain. At all times, we’re never alone, for He is always with us.

    Thank you for this post.

  5. Dan, thank-you so much for your comment and yes, I agree with your about it being hard to recognize it first because of the cloud of pain.

    I started following your blog. I like the very simple, unhurried way you write. 🙂

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