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Have you spent your life beating yourself up with guilt?

Have you let others beat you up with guilt?

Are you really guilty? Or is it perceived?

Generally speaking, we all are guilty since we all do things wrong. But our guilt is redeemed through the greatest act of love the world has ever witnessed: Jesus Christ and him crucified.  When we receive this redemption from God, we really feel freedom!

But the kind of guilt we let others put on us or we put upon ourselves  – we never seem to feel free from. It smothers the life within you.  And if you are a person who is very caring about others, you may find yourself going beyond the extra mile to the point of suffering in ways God does not want for you.

See, even in times of suffering, we can feel freedom deep in our soul. It’s the stuff that produces hope. And God gives us strength and comfort to endure.

But if we are suffering and not feeling free or hopeful, it is a good indication that something is amiss.


You were made to soar! This is a gift from God to all of us. Even on cloudy days.

Don’t let guilt smother you. Think about what you are allowing in your life and why.


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This steel beam shaped like a cross was found in the 9-11 rubble of the World Trade Center in NYC.

God was saying,  I’m here.

9/11 tribute

This photo reminds me of the scene after Jesus died on the cross – when the Roman soldier in charge of Jesus’ execution said – Truly, this was the Son of God.

It’s common for people to deny the existence of God when there is so much pain in life.

I say God reveals His presence in the midst of the pain.

To all the families who have lost family and friends in the 9-11 attack, may you feel God’s comfort today and always.

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain,for the old order of things has passed away.”

-The Bible


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Your life is relevant.

I don’t care what has or hasn’t happened to you.

Your existence matters.

Because of the pain, we may see our lives through rejection, abandonment, or abuse.

Your pain is valid. But …

Dare to take a look at another angle.


Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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Sometimesstorm-over-the-fenceline-1_l life is stormy.

Some people get angry at God because they say he lets bad things happen.


But what about the good things God lets happen? Are we thankful?

There is evil in the world. But there is also good.

So when things are really bad, remember that God gives us good, too.


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Some of us trudge through life with our half-empty glasses, waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Some of us maneuver around the obstacles trying to keep our half-full glasses from spilling over.

The latter is more fun.



It’s not the kind of positive thinking that requires work … I-think-I-can-I-think-I can …

It’s choosing to be optimistic and hopeful.

Remember. Tomorrow’s another day!



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