God is there.

God is there.

When God said there is nowhere we can go … ever ... where he is not there, he meant it.

When you’re alone, completely alone, whether physically or emotionally, God is there.

I’ve known the tossing and turning of torment in the night season. The anguish is so great, that no human on earth can help you.

I found out there is one who can.



I felt the pain and sorrow. But maybe I was supposed to. Because if I hadn’t felt something, would God be real to me? I survived the night and I knew there was an unseen hand who kept me from becoming overcome with sorrow … one who stood watch over me.

And because God does not respect one person over another, he will be there for you, too.


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Sometimes it feels like we are all alone.

We may think that no one understands us and so we isolate ourselves.


It’s healthy to have some time to pull away and rest our souls.

It’s not healthy to stay there.

Be aware of self-pity:  a feeling of pity for yourself because you believe you have suffered more than is fair or reasonable.* 

All of us get hurt.

All of us have to work through it.

You are not alone!



*merriam webster dictionary

new year.

new year.

I’m not going to tell you this year will be better.

It  might not be.

But I can tell you that you are not alone as you face a new year.

The Bible says this:

Never will I leave you;

never will I forsake you.

So we say with confidence,

The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.

What can man do to me?

When we’re faced with trouble, sadness, disappointment – no matter what it is – we can be sure God is with us.

I know this to be positively true. The darkest time in my life was when I lost my son at age 24. They say losing a child is the worst thing.

It is.

You have to believe in someone bigger than yourself.


And when you do, there are surprises along the way – like love notes just for you – from your Heavenly Father.

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Are you alone today?

It’s a day when there’s lots of being together.

But it’s just a day. A day that is one out of 364 other days.


Don’t be hopeless because you feel left out. Lots of people don’t get together at holidays. And some who do – end up fighting and not talking to each other the rest of the year.

Being with people isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

If you are alone, enjoy a movie. Just you!

Or, reach out to someone.

Both work.


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Sometimes it feels like you’ve been forgotten.

That no one cares.

Don’t you see your beauty?

While others have gone on, you reveal strength and endurance.

It’s all in how it looks in the light.


be careful.

be careful.

Be careful you don’t stay in your pain too long.

Some people do not want to move on.  They may resent the pain and in reaction to it, stay there and sulk.

Be careful of self-pity.

And misery … it  does like company.

You may find yourself very alone.

Doesn’t the earth teach us that a long, dark night breaks with morning sunlight?

At some point, you have to welcome the light. How about today?


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You can be surrounded by people everyday and still feel alone.

The pain of loneliness is real. You may long for a husband, a wife, a baby, a friend. Maybe you never knew your mother or father.  I have found the best remedy is to climb out of  the loneliness pit and find someone to give to. Doing the opposite of what we are feeling works wonders!

Today, I noticed the gal at the register in my local grocery store looked sad. I have been feeling sad myself the last couple of weeks. I made it a point to admire her long, wavy, dark red hair. I didn’t feel like talking but I did. Her face lit up. Who knows what is going on in her life? But I made a difference. And when I walked away I was smiling.

It really is better to give than receive. And do you know that’s what the Bible is primarily about? God telling us to do the opposite of what we would normally want to do. He knows what works the best for us.

Reach out to someone who is lonely today!