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the brokenhearted.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

-The Bible

I wonder what God thinks ..

I wonder how God feels ..

When someone is overwhelmed by disappointment, sorrow or grief.

When someone’s spirit is crushed.

He is close to them.

I wonder what God thinks ..

I wonder how God feels ..

When someone does those things to another.

And does not acknowledge.

And does not admit.

And does not apologize ..

knowing the disappointment, sorrow or grief

they caused.

I wonder what God thinks ..

I wonder how God feels ..

When it happens in his Church.

And the brokenhearted continue to diligently watch over their hearts ..


shunning bitterness

over and over

and over.

I know what God thinks ..

I know how God feels ..

He is close to them ..

since He knows all things.

Just a lonely heart...:))

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the silent ones.

They watch.

They listen.

They see.

They speak, but are not heard.

They wait for the Lord to take up their cause.

Please make it right.

They find the courage to speak but are put in their place.

There is nothing to see here.

They go back to silence.

But God, it hurts so much.

God sees.

God knows.

In His Church.

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go easy.

I loved every word of this article.

I especially loved it because I believe it helps explain why so many do not attend church.

They expect more.

Isn’t it the one place to be most welcomed, most valued, most loved? 

Instead, too many have too much to say and it pushes people away. How easy it is for confidence to become prideful.

There should be less talking and more listening.

Go easy. Life is hard. Everyone is dealing with something.



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Have you been hurt by Christians?

Have you decided not to have anything to do with God because of this?

Or church?

Yes, people hurt people and it’s wrong.

But when I remembered how I have hurt people, too, it has helped me to put it into perspective.


God doesn’t hurt us like people hurt us.

Don’t avoid church because you might get hurt.

We have to take the bad with the good.

And there is more good than bad in church.


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Your pain may be a mental disorder.

Do you know that is no different than having diabetes?

Our bodies are not perfect.

We break.


But some people respond differently to mental disorders and it makes you feel abnormal.

You are not abnormal.

There is help and there is hope.

Sometimes it’s in the form of medication – just like insulin helps the diabetic.

Sometimes it’s in the form of having people around you that love and care about you.

And it’s always, always about knowing God sees the pain and he is with you, helping you.

People need people.

Don’t suffer alone.

Church is a good place to start.


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Some people have been hurt in church. It’s the last place you’d expect it.

Some people have remarked with a quip: “There’s no perfect church!”

Well, it’s not funny.




It is true that people are not perfect.

It is not true that people are not perfect

enough to say “I’m sorry”.




If you’ve been hurt in a church, you may have turned away from God.

Don’t. You will feel worse.

It’s not God’s fault.



And you’re right.

The people in a church should have

a caring

a compassion

and a love

not seen anywhere else.


You be different.

Give to others out of your pain. It’s like giving yourself what you were not given.

And watch what happens.


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I’ve attended a few mega-churches here and there. Coming from a church of 300 and under, the two environments are naturally very different.

I noted in the mega-churches, perhaps out of necessity, were managed with a consumer mentality. You came, got plugged in, and then unplugged when you left.

In smaller churches, there is more community. People know people…and their “business”.  There’s good and bad with this. Enjoying close community has a strengthening component for everyone. The downside, even seen in the early days of the Church, is get two people together and a dispute can arise.

There isn’t a perfect church. There isn’t a perfect Christian. And as soon as we stop having those expectations, we are able to see more clearly.

Someone once said, “Only Christians shoot their wounded.” It’s true.

I don’t know why that is. It is a reproach to Christianity. We are to always be putting the needs of others before our own. Sadly, it is not as it should be.

Some of us have a real problem with self-pity and rebellion. I’m not talking about people like this. I am talking about people who have genuinely been hurt.

I have. During times of great duress. When I was lower than low, I had to take another hit.

If this is you, do what I did. Go to God.

There is no man or woman, no church, who is perfect. God is perfect. He sees it all. Let Him take care of it – and you.