go easy.

go easy.

I loved every word of this article.

I especially loved it because I believe it helps explain why so many do not attend church.

They expect more.

Isn’t it the one place to be most welcomed, most valued, most loved? 

Instead, too many have too much to say and it pushes people away. How easy it is for confidence to become prideful.

There should be less talking and more listening.

Go easy. Life is hard. Everyone is dealing with something.



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Are you sensitive?

Are you too sensitive?

Being sensitive is a strength. You have the capacity to be sensitive toward others and that is a wonderful quality.

But it can be a weakness, too, if you find yourself being overly introspective, hard on yourself, thinking people are against you, self-pity, and even getting depressed.

Many of our problems can be improved or solved with changing how we look at things. Remove the glasses and clean up the smudged lenses. Or maybe you need to try a new pair of glasses altogether.


Because we are sensitive, we may think that is equal with humility. But if we’re honest, we can be prideful, thinking we’re always right, and get defensive if we’re asked to think differently.

Just consider that things may not be the way you think they are. Choose one situation and think about it differently.

Let your weakness become your strength!


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