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the pain of disappointment.

Being disappointed doesn’t rank up there with the big hurts of life. Somehow, we just move on.

But disappointment has a way of taking up residence inside of us. It waits for the next disappointment so it can grow.

I’ve thought a lot about my life and the disappointments along the way. Some feel very big to me. Some not so much.

Let’s give disappointment its rightful place by acknowledging its ability to hurt. Don’t dismiss it by thinking it’s no big deal.

When I would be disappointed, my initial response would be to think: at least I am not this poor person going through this or that or it could be worse.

This is a good thing because we do have to remind ourselves that disappointment happens to every single human being in some way, shape or form. Knowing this will help us to be thankful for the good in our lives and being thankful does have a positive affect.

But even this will only carry us so far. Have you ever felt disappointed even when things were going good?  Have you heard of people who have attained a goal and found themselves still not feeling completely satisfied and disappointed?

That’s because it is human nature no matter who you are, where you came from, or what you have accomplished (or not accomplished) to feel disappointment.

Disappointment lodges inside of us because we are either trusting in another person or an action that failed.  Sometimes it is because we aren’t feeling satisfied, fulfilled, or happy.

The good news is this: God has a remedy for disappointment.

I have been a Christian for 40 years. When I think of God, I am not disappointed.

That’s not to say I haven’t been disappointed with God. It took many disappointments, anger, and wrestling with whether I wanted to accept and trust him. This might be especially difficult if you know you’ve worked hard at doing the right things to attain a particular outcome. Talk about disappointment – when a Christian follows God and does things his way – only to come up empty handed.

It is human nature to go off in our own direction. Our will is very strong. If a good, imperfect, earthly father directs his children, how much more will God guide and direct us? If we don’t like what God says or we have another way, we will take it. Just like that stubborn toddler or defiant teenager. This is part of our broken and faulty condition that requires a whole and perfect God.

God made us to respond to him. But he gave us a free will. We can take him or leave him.

When you surrender your will to God, it will always mean taking your hands off the wheel and trusting him. He will give you a peaceful mind. This shatters disappointment in a million pieces.

Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

I think having peace of mind is far better than getting what you wanted or what you thought would happen (or not happen). Peace is a steady calm that is developed over time. It is not fickle depending on the circumstances. It feels the pain, sorrow, and even angst, but decidedly and willingly returns to the peaceful disposition only God provides.

The culmination of life is this: eternity. I have this hope deeply embedded. Not a human definition of hope, ” I hope there is eternity in Heaven”, which makes you feel uneasy or anxious.

Hope that means assurance. Looking forward to what has been promised.

And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.

Life is full of joys and sorrows. We have to know how to navigate through the ups and downs or we will live in disappointment. One day everything may be perfect, only to have it all come crashing down the next day. God doesn’t want us to live with fear of tomorrow’s disappointments. He wants us to have peace in an unpredictable world.

This only happens when we trust him with our disappointments.

butterfly away from hand



happy new year?

Do you cringe when you hear “happy” new year?

You’re not alone.


But here we are – the beginning of another year.

You can decide going into it if you’re going to look ahead with hope. Even if it’s just a small, glimmer of hope.

Remember how things got bad so quickly?

It can get good quickly, too.

new year 2





Photo credit: bitzcelt / DecorLove.com / CC BY-NC-ND

spring will come.

Some things are unexpected.

But then some things are constant. Hang onto those things.

Spring is coming. It always comes. It never misses. Ever.

I never get tired of seeing the first color pushing up from a layer of snow.


You may be in winter with many concerns that are covered with a blanket of uncertainty. Maybe you feel stuck between where you were and where you are going.

Whatever it is, spring will come. Just when you least expect it, something will change.

Wait for it with hope and anticipation!


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We look at life through a lens.

We either see the good and are angry about the bad, or we see the bad and are thankful for the good.


With destruction, there is always hope.


The earth reveals who God is.

Why doesn’t he stop evil and tragedy?

I don’t know.

But I do know he brings something good from it.

It doesn’t make the pain go away, but it makes you live again.


Photo Courtesy:

Eggs&Beer / Foter.com / CC BY


??????????????????I love working outside in the flower gardens. Every spring I am always amazed to see the tender shoots breaking through the soil once again. If we’re paying attention, the cycles in nature teach us so much. Do you think this is exactly what God had in mind?

Nature reveals who God is.

He has made the earth capable of replenishing after catastrophic events – wildfires, floods, ice storms, fierce winds, and even oil spills. It speaks of God’s redeeming ability. Pain can be likened to such things. With time, even the deepest sorrow can be replenished.

It doesn’t mean life will be the same. It does mean life will go on.  The main trunk of my oak sapling died last summer. I was worried since it’s my favorite tree and I had planted it, nurtured it, and protected it. But then I discovered, all around it were small, new shoots. And this spring, they are thriving.

What is it that you have planted, nurtured, and protected? A relationship? Your body? Your job? Only to be discouraged, frustrated, or hurt because of the outcome? Hold on to hope and never give up. Remember, nature teaches us about God’s care. How much more are you important to God?

There is  joy and comfort in finding the pleasures and treasures along the way that are given by a good God who cares that you are hurting.



It nevletter_h_89090er ceases to amaze me.

With predictability, with little or no assistance, the earth knows what to do.

Nature can tell us a lot if we’re looking and points to the Creator.

Hope springs eternal.

©kathleen moulton

©kathleen moulton

Cycles and seasons, death and rebirth.

It’s not over even if it looks like it.

©kathleen moulton

©kathleen moulton

The earth speaks – a new day, new hope.

Seize the day and bask in its beauty.

happy new year!

I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now.

Things might be going really, really good.

Or not.

But here we are – the beginning of another year.

You can decide going into it if you’re going to look ahead with hope.

Remember how things got bad so quickly?

It can get good quickly, too.

new year 2

Let this be a new day for you. Give it a try.





Photo credit: bitzcelt / DecorLove.com / CC BY-NC-ND


I’ve walked a 2 mile trail almost daily since mid-June.

In the summer, the woods were carpeted with leafy ferns that resembled a faceted emerald reflecting the sunlight.

In the fall, it was alive with colors of copper, gold, and ruby against a sparkling river.

And now, the frost has shriveled the undergrowth and the tree branches are gray and bare.



But I still brought my camera. Because there is beauty even in barrenness, if you will see it.

Through the leafless trees, I saw my first bald eagle flying above the river.

I discovered tiny oak tree saplings under the frost bitten, shriveled ferns.

And the faded, fallen leaves still laid out a carpet for hikers like me.

But most of all, I saw hope. This path through the woods will lie dormant with bitter winds and a blanket of snow. But it will not die. It will just be sleeping.

Because in the spring, it will come to life with wildflowers and frogs and fresh, new leaves. How exciting to have this anticipation of what will be coming!

Your life may feel dead. It’s not. If nature has cycles, don’t we?

What is hope? Seeing beyond today.

There is anticipation for a new day with new experiences which will unfold as gently and slowly as a flower bud.

Can you see it? It’s a choice you have to make.

Be patient.



It never gets old.

The earth speaks – a new day, new hope.

Seize the day and bask in its beauty.


I visited the World Trade Center Memorial this past weekend. After the attack on 9-11, a severely damaged tree was found under the rubble.

ground zero

Against all odds, it survived.

Replanted to another location, it was nurtured to health, and brought back to the World Trade Center Memorial.

It is known as the survival tree.

On Saturday, new buds of hope and healing.


If a tree can survive, can’t you?


photo credit:

New York City Parks & Recreation

Kathleen Moulton