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It is not impossible to forgive someone.

The only way we can is because God has wired us for it.

After recognizing this, the next step is to realize that you do things wrong, too. When we understand and accept this fact we are more willing to forgive.

See, the problem is we don’t think we’re that bad. Or, we would never do what so-and-so did.

If we would see we’re all broken – all on an equal playing field – this paradigm would make us think differently. The Bible states to break one commandment is to break them all.  In God’s world, sin is sin.

It’s alright to be hurt. If you want to forgive, God will help you. Otherwise you will become bitter. And that will hurt even worse.


Ever have someone say awful things about you behind your back? Or do awful things behind your back?

A place we don’t expect this to happen is in our church, but it does.

You may have been told “there is no perfect church” in order to frame the situation for you.

You may have seen your situation minimized as you, the victim, are expected to forgive – while the perpetrator continues their devices.

More may be expected from you.

Backwards, isn’t it? Sometimes it seems as if political correctness has infiltrated our churches.

It is true there is no perfect church.

It is true you must forgive (more on this Friday).

It is not true you aren’t allowed the space to be hurt. Sometimes the table is turned on the victim. Why?

But there is no perfect church.




If you have the pleasure of living where there are 4 seasons (as defined by the clear observation of buds, green leaves, colored leaves, no leaves), then you really understand the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Don’t get me wrong southern friends – it’s just that your seasons aren’t so obvious. Although, I’ve been told some southern states have primarily 2 seasons: hot and rainy.

Either way, looking at life as seasons really helps when you’re hurting.

Some seasons feel very long. In some northern states, winter seems to hang on. Sometimes I think us Northerners have a bit of an edge over the Southerners since we really know what the hope of spring means. Months of cold, gray skies makes you long for warm sunshine.

Listen. There’s some pretty awful heartache out there. And your pain may be feel like winter in the North; never-ending. But I promise you that spring will come again.

So for now, it’s okay to hunker down.


A four year old child whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman had recently lost his wife.

Upon seeing the man cry , the little boy went into the old gentleman’s yard , climbed onto his lap , and just sat there.

When his Mother asked what he had said to the neighbor , the little boy said ,

‘Nothing , I just helped him cry’


I once leaned toward the word-of-faith camp.

There are varying degrees in this camp. On a scale of 1-10, I was an 8.

In other words, I didn’t believe for a new car, house, or $500,000.

There are many in this Christian camp who are disillusioned.

I have learned there is pain and suffering in this life. You can’t throw a scripture at it. You can’t pray it away.

You can, however, allow the scripture to strengthen you and talk (pray) to God and tell Him how it hurts.

God didn’t supply mankind with happiness, beauty, and successes – and leave us dangling when there is sorrow, ugliness, and failure.

No, He figured that into the equation when He designed the world.

Some say God is not fair, He’s just.

I say He’s fair.


Sometimes it feels like your situation will overtake you …

… but have you thought about the immensity of the earth and 2/3 is covered by water?

And yet it does not overtake the land.

How much more important are you?

God is fully aware of your situation.