are you a victim?

are you a victim?

Well, sure you are.

Besides my faith, the one thing that has helped me not stay in a continual state of being a victim is knowing I am not alone.

Countless numbers of mothers have lost their children over the centuries. I think about the mothers who lost 2 and sometimes 3 sons during the Civil War. I think about the fatal diseases that took young lives. The accidents. The premature births.

There has been suffering since the beginning of time.

I wasn’t prepared. Mostly because life today is so different in many ways.

Or else we are busier than ever and don’t have much time to think about the what ifs.

Either way, things happen to other people, right?

And some parts of my faith made me feel insulated. After all, I prayed.

But then it happened on that warm, September afternoon. Death came to the door, knocked it down, and with it came the end of innocence.

We wonder where God is?

Well, where was he when sons bled to death on the fields of Gettysburg?

Where was he when cancer took one child and spared another?

Where was he when a mother labored for hours, only to hold a lifeless baby?

Where was he when my son decided to take his life?

All I know is God sees and he knows.  He promises to comfort. He promises one day we will understand.

We have to see beyond here and now or we will be hopeless. Hope sees beyond here and now. And the God of all creation promises he will fix it and make it right. All tears will be wiped away. All sorrow will be turned to joy.

We have to wait. And waiting is very hard sometimes.

If I hate God for what he has allowed to happen, the rest of my life will be bitter misery. It does no good.

So I join with the multitudes since the beginning of time and say, though he slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

And I will wait.

No longer a victim. But full of hope and expectation.

Vince Alongi / Foter / CC BY
Vince Alongi / Foter / CC BY


Ever have someone say awful things about you behind your back? Or do awful things behind your back?

A place we don’t expect this to happen is in our church, but it does.

You may have been told “there is no perfect church” in order to frame the situation for you.

You may have seen your situation minimized as you, the victim, are expected to forgive – while the perpetrator continues their devices.

More may be expected from you.

Backwards, isn’t it? Sometimes it seems as if political correctness has infiltrated our churches.

It is true there is no perfect church.

It is true you must forgive (more on this Friday).

It is not true you aren’t allowed the space to be hurt. Sometimes the table is turned on the victim. Why?

But there is no perfect church.





Some memories are  unwelcome, dark shadows that creep in without invitation. They make reliving the pain torturous.

If you are a victim of painful memories, there is hope. It is not a pat answer or a quick fix by any means. But you must know that God, the Creator of mankind, provides comfort and peace. The memory will not have access whenever it pleases when you learn that God will help you through your pain.

Ask Him. He hears every prayer. I promise.