you’ve got this.

you’ve got this.

I know how it is.

I know what it is like.

Devastating news, painful memories, senseless decisions.

Life is surely painful and quips like “when life gives you lemons” will not do.

Hang on. Take a deep breath. You will get through it.

Let the days unfold and you will find that God is with you in it.

The tendency is to hurry, hurry, hurry. Fix this. Now.

Be patient because some things will not be fixed now. Some things will not be fixed until we see God.

You might be so overwhelmed you cannot go on.

Take time to rest. Then get back at it.

You’ve got this.

Because God’s got this.

dhunfini via / CC BY-NC-SA




Some memories are  unwelcome, dark shadows that creep in without invitation. They make reliving the pain torturous.

If you are a victim of painful memories, there is hope. It is not a pat answer or a quick fix by any means. But you must know that God, the Creator of mankind, provides comfort and peace. The memory will not have access whenever it pleases when you learn that God will help you through your pain.

Ask Him. He hears every prayer. I promise.



Memories ebb and flow, washing upon the shore of our mind. Sometimes the tide comes in uninvited, carrying debris with it. If we allow the debris to lodge in our minds, we can become laden down with self-pity, discouragement, and depression.

The tide will go out. And with it, the debris.

But look! There are some surprising treasures that the tide brought with it. If you look carefully, you will find them.

Pain does not have to drown us.  God knows we do not have the strength to tread water for long. He brings reprieve in the form of little joys that will make us smile in the midst of even deep sorrow.

The cheery song of a robin brings an end to cold winter days.

The summer breeze is welcomed on a hot, humid day.

The rich autumn colors warm our hearts even when the sky is gray.

The gentle falling snowflakes quiet our troubled hearts.

All will be well.