If you have the pleasure of living where there are 4 seasons (as defined by the clear observation of buds, green leaves, colored leaves, no leaves), then you really understand the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Don’t get me wrong southern friends – it’s just that your seasons aren’t so obvious. Although, I’ve been told some southern states have primarily 2 seasons: hot and rainy.

Either way, looking at life as seasons really helps when you’re hurting.

Some seasons feel very long. In some northern states, winter seems to hang on. Sometimes I think us Northerners have a bit of an edge over the Southerners since we really know what the hope of spring means. Months of cold, gray skies makes you long for warm sunshine.

Listen. There’s some pretty awful heartache out there. And your pain may be feel like winter in the North; never-ending. But I promise you that spring will come again.

So for now, it’s okay to hunker down.

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