I’ve attended a few mega-churches here and there. Coming from a church of 300 and under, the two environments are naturally very different.

I noted in the mega-churches, perhaps out of necessity, were managed with a consumer mentality. You came, got plugged in, and then unplugged when you left.

In smaller churches, there is more community. People know people…and their “business”.  There’s good and bad with this. Enjoying close community has a strengthening component for everyone. The downside, even seen in the early days of the Church, is get two people together and a dispute can arise.

There isn’t a perfect church. There isn’t a perfect Christian. And as soon as we stop having those expectations, we are able to see more clearly.

Someone once said, “Only Christians shoot their wounded.” It’s true.

I don’t know why that is. It is a reproach to Christianity. We are to always be putting the needs of others before our own. Sadly, it is not as it should be.

Some of us have a real problem with self-pity and rebellion. I’m not talking about people like this. I am talking about people who have genuinely been hurt.

I have. During times of great duress. When I was lower than low, I had to take another hit.

If this is you, do what I did. Go to God.

There is no man or woman, no church, who is perfect. God is perfect. He sees it all. Let Him take care of it – and you.

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  1. I agree that big churches and little churches have their good and bad points. I think if we quit trying to make church about us and focus on God then we can be more forgiving when we are hurt by the people who are supposed to be helping. Then the world will see us for what we really are: imperfect sinners saved by God’s grace sharing His love and mercy.

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