I know what it’s like to feel such deep heartache and despair, I wanted to close my eyes and never wake up. The pain was so deep I couldn’t imagine living another minute.

You know the feeling. You can’t see a thing. All around you is thick fog leading to nothingness. Your vision is muddled and emotions take over reasoning.

Emotions are a part of us – but only a part. It’s not all of who we are. Nor are they to be trusted. Emotions can take over and make us not think clearly.

Beyond the moment it seems empty. Void. A bottomless pit.

What we don’t remember, is the sun is about to burn off the fog.  Within moments, rays of warm sunshine will filter through the haze, dispersing the fog. The emotions dissipate , deferring to the light, bringing clarity and truth.

The shadowy silhouette of trees are full of life. Fragrant, pink and white apple blossoms will be buzzing with bees, gathering sweet nectar.  Tiny buds will burst open with shades of fresh, spring green – creating a sanctuary for a nest of baby robins.

Beyond the tree line is a bubbling river – 86 miles in length – carving out a path through meadows soon to be teeming with animal and insect life.

No matter how tragic a moment or day may be, there is always more than meets the eye. The fog will burn off and reveal what is hidden from your view.  This is part of God’s care. Never, ever give up. You never know what is just beyond the trees.