5:10 am.

5:10 am.

As if on cue, the birds begin chirping their melodious song where I live.  The clock always says 5:10 am.

It makes me smile. Even in the early morning hours of a sleepless night of tossing and turning. Because God has ordered creation with design and precision.

In the western world, particularly the United States, life moves very quickly. So if you’re in a long process of a difficult situation, the time moves too slowly. We live each day with such momentum – a hamburger meal ready when we get to the next drive-thru window or an item ordered online in minutes and delivered the next day. It just doesn’t line up when a painful situation takes time to walk through.

Along the path are markers that let us know God is near. The steady sound of rain reminds us He is constant. The wind reminds us He is strength. The dawn of a new day reminds us He is dependable. And the song of birds reminds us all is well.

He sees what you don’t see. Take a deep breath and rest your troubled soul.