the small things.

the small things.


We can be hurting so badly, we don’t see clearly.

Yet, God has ways to bring comfort. Our pain makes us sensitive to the ache in our heart, but it also makes us aware of small pleasures.

The way the morning sun filters through the window curtains, laying patterns on the bed.


The rhythm of rain lulling us to sleep.


The way a butterfly lands on a flower, certain of provision.


The small things. They are meant to strike a chord deep within our souls and bring a smile.

This is God telling us He is with us.

Don’t miss the moments. They are all around you!


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scripture friday.

scripture friday.

Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance?

Isaiah 40:12



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of clouds and hope.

of clouds and hope.

Even on a cloudy day, the sun is shining.


It will shine on you again – no matter what you are going through.


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Do you have a couple of things that hit a nerve?

The kind of thing that makes you react without even thinking?

One that hits a nerve with me is injustice.

I cannot STAND to see someone treated unjustly, especially when often, the injustice springs from something else I can’t stand: self-righteousness.

Listen. The world is full of injustice. But you can’t hold on to the anger, cynicism, or bitterness. It’s only going to hurt you from the inside out.

The bigger picture is this: if you believe God sees everything and one day will make it right, you can live with the injustice. I’m not talking about apathy. Do whatever you can do to correct injustice wherever and whenever possible. Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for what is right.

But if you’ve done what you can and it doesn’t change, remember that God is ultimately responsible for justice.

God promises one day he will make everything new. Those things that are wrong will be made right.

Hold on and rest in that thought.