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one thousand gifts.

Pain is everywhere. We can’t eradicate it. We can only live with it.

But how we live with it is what matters.

Sometimes, I just want to give into it. I want it to do it’s work and be done with it. Those are the times when I can’t … or I refuse … to take another breath. Just let me die.

It’s then when we see God. Not because he always reaches down and pulls us out of the despair, but because he gets down in it with us, and breathes that next breath into us.


“Ann Voskamp’s story is not happily ever after.  As a child, her sister was crushed under a truck in front of her and her mother.  Consequently, her mother checked herself into a psychiatric hospital and her father couldn’t find God.  As an adult, she stood beside her brother-in-law as he buried his first two sons.  Voskamp is a wife and mother who does not grin through the pain but battles to believe that in God is joy, and that there are as many gifts amid the grittiness of life as in the moments of celebration.”

start living.

The words are similar.

The words are familiar.

Mothers who have lost a child, wondering at the silence from the people around them.

One time, a friend told me, “Well, people probably don’t know what to say.”

News flash: mothers (and fathers) who have lost a child are not waiting for attention. The reason I think people don’t know what to say is because we live in a time of positive thinking and never-give-up and they know it can’t possibly apply.

So, the silence.

Not just for you, but for them. It’s scary to be jarred into reality.

Our world, and in many Christian circles, people do not readily accept tragedies or suffering as a part of life. This sets people up for disillusionment. When I think of other times and places, and the loss, pain, and suffering people endured, it cautions me to not believe in something that is not true.

Bad things happen. It is a part of life.

The hope we have is one day, God will wipe away every tear and there will be no more sorrow or death. We can’t live our lives being against God because of our situations. You can’t change it. It is what it is.

Start living. Would your child want anything less?


scripture friday.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart,

and you will find rest for your souls.”

-The Bible

Photo credit: djwtwo / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: djwtwo / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


You know, you don’t have to be on top of your game 24/7.

It’s okay to pull back and slow down.

What I mean is we are constantly putting our best foot forward, pushing ourselves to excel at everything we do, and well, I think it’s stressful. So what if you are tired today? So what if you don’t get anything accomplished?

We’re constantly bombarded with new-and-improved this and upgrading to that. Even when it comes to how we look.


balance 2

Photo credit: rockmixer / Foter / CC BY-ND

hidden away.

Hidden away in the tall, slender blades of orchard grass, a subtle purple hue nestles in just right. It is a slightly swampy area and lays lower than the rest of the meadow. It might go unnoticed if it didn’t catch your eye in just the right light.



It might not feel like it right now, but something will catch your eye and make life meaningful again.

And you will smile at your discovery.



The world is a beautiful place. Ugly things happen. Yet, intertwined in the tapestry is beauty that is meant to bring us relief from our pain.

Wait for it.

You will find it where you least expect it.