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who am I?

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks.

Not because of any one thing, but an accumulation of many things that have worn me down.

You know how things just catch up with you?

While doing the dishes this morning, I thought, “who am I?”

Who am  I, when tornadoes have leveled whole towns, with loss of homes, businesses, and family?

Who am I, when those who protect us are murdered and will not return to their families and friends?

Who am I, when children are recruited to fight for terrorism?

This doesn’t mean my personal pain is not valid. God does not place limits on what upsets us.

It means sometimes we have to look up to see the masses, otherwise we feel very alone, only exasperating our pain.

Who am I?

I recognize pain is universal and everyone of us are facing something. 

I recognize God didn’t leave us without anything to rest our troubled minds upon.

I recognize the need for frequent reminders.

I recognize  the need for all of us to trust in something. If we avoid trusting God, no matter how much it hurts, we will find something else to trust in. Even our own right to be angry and bitter.

Who are you?



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Being in-between is uncomfortable.

You are not here and you are not there.

Caught between a rock and a hard place.

Our lives can be like the 4 seasons. We experience times of highs and lows. It’s the in-between that gets me.

The calendar might say it’s the beginning of a new season, but all around me says the opposite.

The end of summer’s faded colors of spent flowers and overgrown vines, the heavy gray skies and leafless trees of late autumn, and the barren, sleepy spring landscape. All in-between the next season.


Are you in-between?

Just knowing you’re there can mean all the difference. Knowing it’s even part of how seasons come and go will help you to be patient.

You are not alone.



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4th of July.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

– The Bible


friday quote.

“If’n you give God the credit when somebody don’t die, you go’n blame Him when they do die? Call it His will?

Ever noticed we git well all the time and don’t die but once’t? Thet has to mean God always wants us to live if’n we can. Hit ain’t never His will for us to die – cept in the big sense. In the sense He was smart enough not to make life eternal on this here earth.”

Cold Sassy Tree

cold sassy


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