My friend was suffering. She was facing multiple, serious situations all happening within a couple of days. She was going down and she knew it.

There are times when we just want to close our eyes and not wake up. The pain is too much.

“Tell me something,” she said. I knew the desperation she was feeling. I knew she did not have an ounce of strength. She had enough.

Without blinking an eye, and surprised at what came out of my mouth, I said: “All I can tell you is that the sun rises every morning.”

It was all she needed.

So much we cannot predict.

Some things we can.

And as long as we can, there is hope.

4 thoughts on “hope.

  1. I like your blog. For a mourner tunneling a grief journey, it is important to keep a message brief and sweet. Thank you for sharing.

    See you in print,


  2. I like this response to your hurting friend’s question. Another phrase I’ve clung to in depressing situations is “…and it came to pass…” Whatever our difficulty, it helps to remember that this is only a moment in time.

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