When we have physical pain, we rest.

When we have emotional pain, we don’t rest.

The world is busy, busy, busy. It used to be said,  New York City is “the city that never sleeps”. Today, the whole world never sleeps and is awake with television all night (I remember when stations went off the air!), the internet, and being able to communicate all hours of the night with social networking. We push through too much and will suffer for it.

The only one who will get you off the treadmill is you.

Other cultures deal with pain quite differently than Americans. Given that we are all human, perhaps we should take note of it and learn. I realize we still have to live in our 24/7 world and cannot take a siesta in the middle of the day! (although power naps, if they can be fit in, work wonders).

Emotional pain is not visible. You may make some people in your life unhappy but you have to take care of yourself. That doesn’t mean becoming a recluse, either. Yet, you must find balance. Only you know how you feel and managing your time is essential in order to heal.

We live in a society that is full of hope and encouragement – ready to take on anything. This is good, but don’t be someone you’re not just to please others.

Rest when you need it.

4 thoughts on “rest.

  1. I’ve pulled away from several work related things in the past few months and while it may certainly be a detriment to “success” it feels so good to relax and let go of some things. I will pick it back up … but for now it’s nice to just stop and breathe.

  2. Well, Jacqs..I’m just picking up!

    I have more time and I am working on my freelance writing career and book ideas. This blog site is to help network and develop a platform.

    Yup, letting go is so …. nice.


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