My friend was suffering. She was facing multiple, serious situations all happening within a couple of days. She was going down and she knew it.

There are times when we just want to close our eyes and not wake up. The pain is too much.

“Tell me something,” she said. I knew the desperation she was feeling. I knew she did not have an ounce of strength. She had enough.

Without blinking an eye, and surprised at what came out of my mouth, I said: “All I can tell you is that the sun rises every morning.”

It was all she needed.

So much we cannot predict.

Some things we can.

And as long as we can, there is hope.

it works.

it works.

If you are a parent, you know how difficult it is when your child is sick. A sudden fever in the middle of the night or a broken arm from a fall – we want to take the pain away. We do all we can to comfort and help our child get well.

God is a parent, too. He is the Heavenly Father.  He is not distant from you. The Bible tells us God knows how many hairs are on your head. That tells me He is fully aware of you in a very personal way. When you are in pain, He also wants to bring comfort and help you get well.

A child learns to trust his parent’s care. God wants us to trust His care.

How does God comfort? First of all, it’s incredible to me what people can endure. Some call it the resilience of the human spirit. It’s there because God put it there. Secondly, if we want God’s involvement, we will find many comforting promises that will help us through our pain.

God has made us to work well within His design. That said, knowing those comforting promises help us with pain. It works. Just like a child trusts that an earthly parent will bring them a warm blanket, a glass of juice, a dosage of medicine, we can trust that our Heavenly Father promises never to leave us or forget us.

It doesn’t always feel like that. I know. But only when we see beyond ourselves and reach for something bigger than our pain, will we begin feeling differently.

When no one else understands, God does. When no one else cares, God does.

look up!

look up!

The earth continually replenishes, renews, and redeems. If God has such order in nature, how much more does He have order in human life?

Thing is, we forget. Pain makes us look down and focus on the wound. It deserves our attention. But too much attention causes the pain to be magnified. That’s when we must find something  bigger than the pain.

Step outside on a clear night. The sky is filled with a spectacular display!  Who tires of trying to find the Big Dipper ? Or gazing at the moon?  Have you thought .. really thought .. that you live on a ball suspended in nothingness? Not only is there amazing beauty all around us to behold,  but consider the dependability in which the earth functions like a well-oil machine.  The earth is wrapped with a blanket of air that warms, protects, and gives life. This reveals God’s care.

We know that pain is a part of life. Sometimes we blame God. That’s because, whether we believe in God or not, we’re wired to blame something or someone. And who better than the one who is in charge of the systems of the Universe?

Yet, it is this very concept that has the ability to take our breath away. All around us is amazing beauty, revealing not only God’s design, but God’s care.

Looking up from your pain isn’t avoiding how you feel or pretending it doesn’t hurt. It brings relief when you begin seeing something bigger than your pain. Don’t be afraid to bask in the joy that comes from the beauty around you. Let it soothe your pain and heal your broken heart.