Those moments that unexpectedly penetrate your heart.

A song, a smell, a taste, a feeling, or a sight that brings it all back. That’s what a trigger is.

For me, it comes like a wave washing upon the shore.  Not a wave that knocks me off my feet because I’m numb and cannot feel it. It just advances and retreats back where it came from. But it leaves something, as waves often do. It leaves memories. And then I wonder. And then I want to remove myself from the source of those triggers.


It’s amazing how God has made us to endure pain. The best way to describe it is we are wired that way. It’s just that it can be a lonely place sometimes. We live smile, we laugh, we work, we play, and always beneath the surface of our smile is sorrow. No one else is aware of it but us.

People who live this way are okay. Really. Something or someone is missing from their lives and they walk with a limp. They have come to accept it.

Some have to avoid those triggers. Don’t judge them.


Photo courtesy:  esther** / / CC BY-NC-SA