See this sunflower? It is 7 feet tall. A random seed fell from the bird feeder last winter and it took root in the spring.

IMG_0446 (2)

See this sunflower?

It’s 7 inches tall. A seed fell from the same bird feeder. It took root, too. In the crack of the patio stone. Hindered, but nevertheless, significant!

sunflower 2

And before it bloomed, someone stepped on it and injured the stem – thinking it was a useless weed.

Yet, it survived the injury and bloomed.

Have you been stepped on?

Injured by the carelessness of someone’s words or actions?

God speaks to us through creation, showing us that injuries, whether physical or emotional, can be overcome.

That means, how you feel isn’t always an indication of what is true. Feelings can overpower us.

That means, how things look isn’t always an indication of what is permanent. Things can change for the better.

Things can change. Things will change.

Wait for it.