Have you ever thought about trees?

They begin something like this:


Wind, snow, rain, and sometimes, even stepping on it will not harm it.

Even if a leaf is torn, or the bark is injured, this tree will withstand the elements and grow.

Underneath, where you cannot see, is a root system that not only nourishes the tree, but anchors it.

As it grows, it will compete with mature trees for sunlight.

Nevertheless, it will grow.


And grow.

Not overnight, mind you. But many years.

God is not in a hurry. We are.

Even if your problems seem very big, and you seem very small, be patient.

You are stronger than you think. Let your roots be anchored to something that is stable, dependable, and will feed and strengthen you.


Photo Credit:

SomeDriftwood / / CC BY-NC

blmiers2 / / CC BY-NC-SA