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Thank-you to all who read and/or follow me! I have people from all over the world reading and it makes me happy to be able to plant a seed of encouragement in someone’s life. Most of the time it’s just taking a step back and looking at something from a different angle that makes all the difference.

Most of my posts have been short and reflective since most people do not take the time to read long blog posts. I’m big at seeing what can come from a small seed.

That said, I’m going to change things a bit.

Mondays will be a bit more up close and personal. Sharing our burdens is meant to be.

Wednesdays will be short and sweet.

Fridays will continue to be “Scripture Friday”, since without that guidance in my life, I would be confused and aimless.

Also, watch for my December 2nd post to enter a drawing for a book gift from me! Details will be included in the post!



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Sometimes, we aren’t prepared.

Sometimes, we aren’t expecting.


But beauty will always come through.

And the light is always greater than the darkness.



I was thinking about the time during my formative years when I didn’t have a good foundation.  Many times I felt like a lost soul.

But I did have structure.

We know a building is only as good as its foundation. But there’s something to be said for a tent.

The tent is a structure that can provide protection. The structure I did have in my life was to be accepted for what it was and to be thankful.


Whether your house is a mansion or modest farm house, the results are the same. You have a place to go.  There is food, water, and heat.

Humans are more resilient than we think. We can really make it on very little. We have expectations that aren’t necessary for survival. I know what you’re thinking. Who wants to merely survive?

If you can make life better, do it!  But if you can’t, accept it and find the good in it.

Everyone’s life is different for many reasons. Some things you have control over. Some things you do not.

Being thankful for what you do have will give you joy. Joy is being content with what you have. It is not dependent upon circumstances. It’s a constant, steady glow that doesn’t burn too hot or too cold.  Joy gives you the proper outlook on life. It opens your heart to seeing life at all angles.

It would be later in life when I would have a good foundation. But I am thankful for the structure I had which gave me something to be thankful for.

A 3 course meal or bread and water….both satisfy hunger and thirst.


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scripture friday.


Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

1 Peter 5:7


Have you ever thought about trees?

They begin something like this:


Wind, snow, rain, and sometimes, even stepping on it will not harm it.

Even if a leaf is torn, or the bark is injured, this tree will withstand the elements and grow.

Underneath, where you cannot see, is a root system that not only nourishes the tree, but anchors it.

As it grows, it will compete with mature trees for sunlight.

Nevertheless, it will grow.


And grow.

Not overnight, mind you. But many years.

God is not in a hurry. We are.

Even if your problems seem very big, and you seem very small, be patient.

You are stronger than you think. Let your roots be anchored to something that is stable, dependable, and will feed and strengthen you.


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Sometimes we let our emotions guide our thoughts.

Emotions have a place in our lives.

But emotions can lead us in the wrong direction if we let them.

When we are angry or sad, things may look very bleak when in fact they might not be. Even in the darkest storms the sun is shining behind the clouds.


This is hope.

Hope for a new day, a new beginning.

But think before you act.


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