See my beautiful tulips?

And my fragrant white and pink peonies?


And here is my pride and joy – forsythia.


You don’t see them? I don’t either. Not yet. But they are there. Because without fail, every spring, this little garden spot is alive with wonderful colors and textures.

Underneath the frozen ground is life waiting to be born. A blanket of snow covers and protects the earth as it sleeps.  And spring never disappoints. It is always faithful, giving us a glimpse of how God works.

Is there something in you waiting to be born? Has winter gone on so long it has frozen your heart to believing it can get better?

There is a truth that stands no matter if we believe it or not. God is good. He doesn’t think like we do. Months turn into years and we wonder, when?


Time and time again I have seen God take the worst of situations and make something good out of it. 






Photo Credit: Kathy Moulton

2 thoughts on “believe.

  1. Wow! I needed this word today. You even quoted the scripture I have been praying in another blog, Prov. 3:5-6. I googled “when it hurts to believe” and found your blog. My heart aches for something I have been believing for for years, and it is so painful to hang on to. I don’t want to quit, give up, give in, or lay it down. I am just weary! I trust Jesus! I know my Lord and believe. I have cried out to Him for years, sometimes in faith, and sometimes in doubt. But 2014 I just want to rest in His completed work and know that I am ready when He is! Thank you for being faithful all these years Kathleen. Your tragedy occurred years ago and for that my words cannot begin to touch, but I believe all things work together for the good, and you were meant to help me this day in 2014. God bless you, and keep writing and encouraging. The Word of God does not return void.

  2. I am so happy you were helped today! That’s what this is all about. God has and continues to sustain us even when it doesn’t feel like it. Thank-you for your encouragement – it means the world to me!

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