Emotions are part of who we are.

But they aren’t the whole story.

How we feel doesn’t necessarily line up with what is true.

You may feel really blue about something. It seems as though it won’t get better.

I can tell you that it will. God does not allow pain without relief – without hope.

Whenever you are blue, remember cloudy days aren’t cloudy forever. Behind those clouds the sun is shining.


It will shine on you again – no matter what you are going through.


Photo courtesy: ecstaticist / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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  1. Kathleen, this is just right for today. Emotions can’t be trusted and we are fearfully and wonderfully made, our sins are forgiven if we have put our trust in what Christ did on the cross. Therefore, we can just go on and live for Him without the burden of the past. Thanks for sharing.

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