stress remedy.

stress remedy.

One of the best remedies for stress is very inexpensive: surrounding yourself with nature.

I love being outside. I think I subconsciously discovered it relaxed me. So if you’re more likely to be house-bound, consider making it a point to get outside.

“Those who lived in the areas with the most amount of green space had lower levels of cortisol, and their self-reported feeling of stress were lower than those who spent more time in urban settings”, writes Emily Main in her article,The Natural Way to Calm Down.


One tip the article suggests for those who live in urban settings is to take your inside work outside – yoga on the back porch or eating outside.

Personally, I have found taking the time to be outside is restful.


During winter, think flowers. You can pick up a fragrant, colorful bouquet at grocery stores for less than $10. How often do we hurry by the display and do not take the time to “stop and smell the roses”.


Re-think your routine and make a few, small changes. See how you feel!