light to our path.

There are markers placed along the path of life we all walk on. Those are the moments when God brings light to our path through times of darkness.

This speaks of God’s care in a broken world with tragedies, despair, emotional and physical pain.

Ever see a line of baby ducks following their mother?

How about a flower springing up from a cracked sidewalk?

There is a story in the Bible about the prophet Jonah who did not do what God told him to do. When he finally did, he waited for God to fulfill his part of the deal but because the people of Ninevah repented, God changed his mind. Jonah sat outside the city sulking. He was angry. God caused a plant to grow overnight to shade Jonah from the hot sun (read more here).

These moments, however they come to us, is God’s goodness. It tells us he is with us. And if you think about it, they soothe our broken hearts – even for a moment.

God knew it would.

ducks 1



Photo credit: rkramer62 / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)


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