carrying our pain.

carrying our pain.

While driving, I scarcely moved my left hand to the power window controls and adjusted the front windows to my liking. Nope. Too much wind coming in and blowing my hair. Let’s try the back ones.

Then it hit me.

My goodness. If it was 1950, I would have had to pull over and actually roll down the windows. If it wasn’t “just right”, I would have most likely continued on since pulling over as many times as I played with those electric controls would have been too much trouble.

Go back even farther, and I’d probably either be walking or riding a horse. Never mind the hair blowing around too much!

There was a time when people seemed to deal more graciously with the annoyances, disappointments, and difficulties of life. Is there something to be said of having less and accepting life as it comes?

Sharing our pain is not wrong. But I think we have to learn how to carry it, too.

I believe that God knows what we can handle. When we carry our pain with grace, it becomes an ornament of beauty and a badge of courage. It shows others that God is real and we are not left alone in our sorrow.

God allows the pain and gives us beauty. Which will you focus on?


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  1. Loved this, it was just what I needed to read today. Thank you for writing, God is certainly using your words to bless others.

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