a positive message.

a positive message.

Don’t let the positive messengers out there fool you.

You can’t make yourself feel better by simply telling yourself this is “your best life now”, and all that goes with that message. It may suffice for some people whose challenges are minimal. It can give you a temporary high. It can even lie to you by making you think that your positive outlook, your performance, caused the positive outcome.

But for the grandfather who is doubled over with pain from stomach cancer or the young mother who is now paralyzed with a stroke, the positive message is a mockery to human angst.

I understand the importance of choosing to be optimistic. And yes, we can and should talk ourselves into at least considering there is another side to whatever we’re facing. But so often, the positive message comes from people who had a positive outcome to what they prayed or believed for.

Where does that leave people who didn’t get a positive outcome?

If you look closely, those hurting people have a positive message, too. It was despite their outcome that they found the true positive message. They had to dig deep to find it. Deeper than any popular book, teaching, or sermon. Deeper than anything the human spirit or intellect can contrive.

Even though I walk through the darkest valley,

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

your rod and your staff, they comfort me.


Your positive message will be that you’ve seen the light of God’s face in the darkness. And don’t be surprised if people don’t listen. Because humans have always been good at finding another way.

God may not change your situation. But He will wipe away your tears.


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  1. THANK YOU!!!!! So happy someone has finally said this. I will re-post it, Kathy, if you don’t mind. It is chock full of truth.
    We are not always going to get the outcome we desire. Nor will just thinking cheery thoughts or speaking positive words alter the plan of God (although thinking/speaking in a positive way can and does alter our attitude often). People who live through or are living through something dire or painful find hope to continue in many ways. Some try with the prolific pundits of today, some with the wise of the past. Different results are seen.
    I choose to place my hope in Christ because I KNOW that in every end of every situation, He is my chin lifter, my sole solace, my Abba Daddy. He has always (and will continue to), wiped away my tears and carried me on His shoulders as needed. Where others have forsaken me, He has stood steadily with me, ready to pull me from my frequently broken and bent posture.
    That is where the real substantive “positivity” comes from.
    Great article. Great truth!
    M. LaPointe

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