we never know.

we never know.

Recently, I’ve been aware of people in my area who died unexpectedly the past 2 weeks.

A local doctor was killed in a car accident.

A fellow classmate died unexpectedly.

And yesterday, a couple in their 70’s were driving down a street I am sure they have driven for years and were hit by a car. The wife died.

We never know.

If you have a word-of-faith type of theology, you may feel insulated from tragedy. On one hand, you know it’s inevitable, but at the same time, you live in a bubble of it not coming near to you.

It will.

I used to be what was called an intercessor…a “prayer warrior”.  But it didn’t save my son.

Do I still believe in prayer? Yes. But now I know what prayer really is: nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done. It’s allowing God to do what he wants with me, even if it means I have to endure suffering. Because in the pain, God is with us, helping us, and even gives us joy.

We should never live in fear of what may happen to us or someone we love. But if we trust God as he asks us, there is solid ground to walk on, even when you feel like you’re sinking.




Photo credit: felipe_gabaldon / Foter / CC BY