walk a mile…

walk a mile…

… in someone’s shoes.

And Jesus said to go an extra mile.

We need people to walk with us – and we need to walk with others.

walking man

There is a popular saying these days, “be a victor, not a victim”. It definitely wards off self-pity.

But there are times when someone is a true victim. And we need to let them be.

We cannot rush a physical healing. It takes time. Afterward, there may be a scar. Or a limp.

When it comes to a broken heart, we don’t know how to treat it. We want people to feel better and so we may say things that we think are helping. If we would try to remember that injuries to the heart are no different than a physical injury, we will be helping someone who is hurting.

Afterward, they may have a scar or a limp, too.


Photo credit: Matthias Rhomberg / Foter / CC BY