be human.

We live in a time when everything is analyzed.

All of our physical, emotional, or mental abilities (or lack of) don’t always have to be measured.

So on a particular day, you’re tired, or feeling blue. Do you reach for something to make you feel better?

Because sometimes, we just get up out of the wrong side of the bed. It’s not complicated.

But if we are always analyzing – wondering if we are “okay” – living to our fullest potential 24/7, we won’t put up with the down times that inevitably come with being human.

Today, just be human.

Photo credit: LAZUR tomek pietek / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: LAZUR tomek pietek / Foter / CC BY

2 thoughts on “be human.

  1. Thank you for that encouragement. I get frustrated sometimes with being probed or pushed to come up with reasons for an off day.

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