??????????????????I love working outside in the flower gardens. Every spring I am always amazed to see the tender shoots breaking through the soil once again. If we’re paying attention, the cycles in nature teach us so much. Do you think this is exactly what God had in mind?

Nature reveals who God is.

He has made the earth capable of replenishing after catastrophic events – wildfires, floods, ice storms, fierce winds, and even oil spills. It speaks of God’s redeeming ability. Pain can be likened to such things. With time, even the deepest sorrow can be replenished.

It doesn’t mean life will be the same. It does mean life will go on.  The main trunk of my oak sapling died last summer. I was worried since it’s my favorite tree and I had planted it, nurtured it, and protected it. But then I discovered, all around it were small, new shoots. And this spring, they are thriving.

What is it that you have planted, nurtured, and protected? A relationship? Your body? Your job? Only to be discouraged, frustrated, or hurt because of the outcome? Hold on to hope and never give up. Remember, nature teaches us about God’s care. How much more are you important to God?

There is  joy and comfort in finding the pleasures and treasures along the way that are given by a good God who cares that you are hurting.