sudden loss.

sudden loss.

I carefully removed the oak tree sapling growing near the foundation of a house.

I planted it, watered it, and protected it for 2 years.

Recently, while I was mowing the grass, I got too close. The wire cage I surrounded it with got caught.


It ripped the top off.

The life of the fresh, green leaves just beginning to unfold was cut short.

As I circled around with the mower, I felt the familiar disappointment well up inside me. It was very short-lived since I’ve learned, “No, not everything goes wrong.”

I thought about pulling it up and tossing it. Stuff happens. Move on.

At the same time, I thought, wait. Don’t give up just yet.

A couple of days later I noticed small sprouts of leaves at the bottom. But in a short time, they shriveled up.

Disappointed. But wait.

I had forgotten about my little oak tree until the next mowing a week later.

And this is what I found.


I was prepared to toss if I had to. This is acceptance when things go wrong.

See the broken trunk? This tree will have a scar. But it will continue to grow strong.