Life can be hard.

And one of the hardest things is to accept that life is hard.

We know it, but we think it happens to other people.

In one sense, it is good that we don’t dwell on what could happen. Do you see God wired us that way? I realize some of us do worry or are fearful. But that isn’t what God wants for us.

Yes, there are horrendous tragedies which some of us will face. We go through the emotions of pain as we respond to them.

But eventually, we have to accept. Not just mentally, but emotionally. Resting in acceptance comes from trusting that your pain…your loss…is in bigger hands.

There are some things we can change. There are some things we cannot.

I used to cringe at the part of the “Serenity Prayer” that said accept the things you cannot change.

What? I am a go-getter. Couple that with being in a very pro-active church environment that was out to change the world, accepting was not in my vocabulary.

It is now.

It takes time when you face something that inexplicable and devastating and you cannot change it.

This is not a reproach in diminishing God’s ability to heal, comfort, or strengthen us. It also doesn’t mean miracles aren’t real.

It means things will happen that we don’t understand.

The people around you may not have felt the depth of the pain quite like you. The proportion of the time to accept and the pain you are facing has to be equal. It has to take as long as the pain is deep.

And it is okay.

If others do not understand, that is okay, too.

Because you will have a new found confidence in being content with who you are that is not based on what other people think.

The strength and confidence you gain will be equal to the depth of pain you are experiencing. God doesn’t leave us with nothing.