begin again.

begin again.

Each leaf began as a tender bud.

The spring green emerging against the blue sky made the birds sing.

Happy children played under the green canopy, protected from summer sun.

different leaves

In time, there was a chill in the air and the sun set sooner.

Purple, gold, and crimson dotted the landscape until one by one, each leaf fell to the earth.

Their purpose did not end here, but they blended with the moist earth to make it rich with nutrients.

Skeleton-like trees remain dormant, at rest for a season. This is not their prettiest moment. In fact, they look dead. But they are not.  Winter quiescence – where roots are resting but ready – is extremely important for the health of individual trees. Root systems reach deeply in search of water and nutrients.

And each spring, it begins again.

Our lives are like that. Each season has a purpose. You may be feel alive and productive. Or you may be enduring a time of feeling barren and empty.

Whatever your season is, wear it with confidence. And always remember, you can begin again.