things will look better in the morning.

things will look better in the morning.

The wind can be a gentle, welcoming breeze …

… or fierce and damaging.

The rain can fall softly …

or in torrents of destruction.

We live with both.

Hope is seeing beyond the moment and knowing God speaks to us through the joy that comes in the suffering.

Winter can be a harsh season for many. Blowing snow and slippery roads cause accidents. Frigid temperatures cause costly heating bills and frozen pipes. Bitter winds bring frostbite.  Ice and snow accumulate and cause power outages, inconveniences, and must be shoveled away.

Living in a season of hardship is work – a physical, mental, and emotional drain.

But then, there is always the promise of the next morning when the sun, always dependable, always constant, always God’s way of speaking to the world of his existence, illuminating the landscape, revealing HIS GLORY.

icy 2

icy flakes.jpg

icy weed.jpg

But … you have to see it. You have to want to see it. You have to believe it.

You have to welcome it into your life.

Things will look better in the morning because weeping endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning. 


Photo credit: Kathy Moulton