not the end.

not the end.

It doesn’t end there.

We don’t allow ourselves to get derailed “just because”.

There is more. Much more!

The Christian faith gives us hope. Hope of new life. Eternal life.

That means life continues on.

It means seeing our loved one again.

God made us to see beyond today. He is the one who put hope in our heart.

We hope for many, many things, don’t we?

But do we hope beyond life here on earth?

Very few of us do. Life keeps us very focused on temporal things. We get distracted. We think about here and now.

Getting derailed makes us stop thinking  beyond today and what is waiting for us.

There is light at the end.


Photo credit: fireboat895 via / CC BY


4 thoughts on “not the end.

  1. I can think of nothing that would derail us more than to have a child go on to Heaven first. Although I have looked forward to eternity before Brandon died …or transitioned…now I am more eager than before to dwell on the hope and promise of life forever and the joy of reunion and fellowship once again.

  2. Everything around us in creation seems to point to new beginnings. I think that is because God believes in “equal opportunity” for all to learn about His gift of unending life–regardless whether we’ve been able to have “formal education”– or not!

    “Reunion” is what has kept me going these long 31 years . . .

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