clearance rack.

clearance rack.

I picked this plant up on a clearance rack for $3.



The leaves were faded and straggly but there were many blossoms.

For 3 bucks, if it lasted a week or so, it was worth it.

I placed it in a container and kind of forgot about it because it got lost in its surroundings of variegated hostas and tiger lilies.

In other words, it wasn’t one of those breath-taking potted plants that made you look twice.

Throughout 6 weeks of extreme heat with little to no rain, this plant bloomed profusely. Not only that, but direct sun is typically not so great for impatiens. They wilt quickly.

Not this one!

I recently moved it from its original garden spot where it had gone unnoticed to the patio so I could see it everyday.

Even though I noticed it and chose it from the clearance rack, I soon forgot about it. And all the while it was blooming for me.

And despite the direct sun and little water, it still bloomed!

It reminded me 2 important things:

  • What we dismiss, ignore, or avoid may be the very thing God has valued.
  • In the heat of the day, when life gets tough on us, we can still be beautiful.