I’ve said it before.

I don’t know how people face difficult times without faith in God.

You have to have something that you know is going to change your situation, even if it’s only at the very end of your existence.

With God, you know what the end of the story is. Eternity. Reunion. Restoration.

That feels like a long time off, doesn’t it?

It is. But it’s coming.

It doesn’t take the hurt away but it fills us with hope, believing God will do what he promises us.

Without this assurance, how do people live?

How do they process the sorrows of life?

To believe when life ends it’s over doesn’t line up with how we think now. We were made to hope in the smallest of things.

Shouldn’t we naturally hope in the biggest thing?

Mara ~earth light~ via / CC BY-NC-ND



One thought on “how?

  1. Kathleen, I ask myself the same thing. Hope is a wonderful thing. God gives each of us a measure of faith. I could never have made it this far without my faith in Him who restores our souls! ❤️

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