God can.

God can.

Eighteen years ago, while piloting a plane, John F. Kennedy Jr. fell victim to spatial disorientation.

The weather conditions were poor, obscuring visibility, and his plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing him, his wife, and sister-in-law.

There are 6 types of spatial disorientation causing the brain to be tricked by the movement of fluid in the ears. When flying through clouds, a pilot might think the plane is maneuvering in a particular way when it isn’t.

Even seasoned pilots have been affected.

” … between 5-10% of all general aviation accidents result from spatial disorientation, and of those accidents, 90% of them are fatal.” -boldmethod.com

What is the remedy? Don’t move your head quickly, don’t rely on what you see or don’t see.

Do rely on your instruments.

Our emotions can trick us, too. We might react quickly with anger or hopelessness.

The Bible anchors our emotions because God knew we needed it. The scripture is truth. It is the instrument given to humanity to navigate through life. It has the ability to make things clear when our emotions overwhelm us.

After feeling the gamut of emotions we all share in, take a breath, step back, and ask, “What does God say about this?”

Let His word guide you through the days clouded with sorrow and heartache, loneliness and pain.

When you can’t see, God can.


Photo credit: xalphas via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA