It is not a “religious” thing to live your life with the Bible as your guide.

Some of us read the manual when we get a new appliance or device. Some of us glance over the instructions. Some of us read it when we can’t get something working. And some of us throw the manual out without reading it at all.

No matter what kind of person you are, the manual will always help. It’s meant to help.

It’s common for people to compartmentalize life and put everything to do with the Bible on Sunday mornings and special holidays.

God wants us to live daily with his word to guide us in how we think, act, and believe. Why? Because he wants to help us, not hurt us.

‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”

Have you ever had the electricity go out in the middle of a moonless night? Pitch black.

If we’re prepared for such emergencies, we feel our way in the darkness to get our flashlight.

People often turn to God during times of darkness, remembering a scripture, a prayer, and hanging on for dear life.

But we don’t just need the light at night. We need light during the day, too.

The light helps us – what we see, where we go, and how we get there.

The scripture is meant for day and night. Everyday.

We can’t throw out the Bible because we have questions or because we don’t understand some things. Do you know how the world was made? Even if you believe in the Big Bang Theory, the elements had to come from somewhere.

There is enough in the Bible that we do understand.

The problem is us.

We can accept or reject. God gives us that choice. And if we’re honest, we do avoid what we don’t want to hear. But if we will hear it, he will do the rest. Lots of times we wait until we feel it. God wants us to choose it, then he will help us to feel it.

You can either stumble through the dark room because you don’t know where the flashlight is, the batteries are dead, or you don’t have one.

Or you can think you see something frightening in the darkness – until you put the light on and realize it was just your imagination.

The Bible clears a lot of things up, guiding us through life, showing us how God wants us to think about things.

We live in a world where bad things happen. Really bad things.

But there is also enough good things which cause us to pause and remember the world also reflects a loving God we can learn to trust.

Whether the light at night or the light at day, we need it to see.

We need God’s word to light our lives.

                                       grace and peace