God has a way of hiding in the shadows.

We have a way of stumbling along in the dark until He steps out of them.

It happens in a moment. But when it does, when He steps out and again declares “Let there be light,” the clouds part and our souls’ dark alleys and cluttered corners glow with understanding, hope, and faith. In that moment, if only for that moment, we can see.

And we realize that He’s been there all along.

It’s just that we will see Him in a different light.


Photo credit: Leonard J Matthews via / CC BY-NC-SA

2 thoughts on “shadows.

  1. Yes, He’s always there for us as He’s Unchangeable Love.

    I find that, personally, when I feel separated from God it’s because “I” have distanced myself from Him during a personal struggle. My solution is to get back to seeking Him in His Word and doing what I used to do relationship-wise with Him before my self-imposed isolationism started.

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