trying to understand.

trying to understand.

Today, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and returned it to the states.

The Supreme Court on Friday overruled the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which gave women a national right to an abortion up until viability, which was determined to be around 28 weeks.

The 6-to-3 ruling sends the issue of abortion back to the states. It does not outlaw abortion entirely. Washington Times.

My thoughts today are not about the states who will ban or allow abortions. I’ve already heard, “A woman will have to travel out of her state!”

My thoughts today are not about the quarreling and division between our government representatives and American citizens (although I am aware of the call for riots by some pro-choice groups).

My thoughts are this: I am trying to understand.

<> How is it that a woman should have a personal choice, but others don’t have a personal choice to decline an immunization like the experimental Covid shot? Don’t people have a right to wait and see the data before injecting themselves with something?

<> How is it that I should trust the science with an experimental immunization, but pro-choice individuals don’t trust the science with what we now see on an ulstrasound? And the science that tells us babies feel pain in the womb?

<> How is that we cannot clearly separate rape and incest with women who don’t want the baby for various reasons, e.g., a method of birth control, “just because”, or emotional and mental health?

<> How is it that emotional or mental health is not valid when it comes to being injected with something not wanted? How is it that these people are told they don’t care about others?

<> How is it that our culture seems to vilify the victim and support the one who does the act to cause there to be a victim? We say a woman is a victim of rape or incest but we don’t tell women who have sex .. they might get pregnant.

<> How is it that those who wish to have a gun or carry a gun shouldn’t be allowed to protect themselves? Meanwhile, the loudest are our government officials who have a security detail?

According to, The report from the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights, counted more than 930,000 abortions in the U.S. in 2020 … About one in five pregnancies ended in abortion in 2020.

Surely these numbers don’t reflect only rape and incest. Nor do they only represent a woman who is hindered because of clinical emotional or mental issues.

Trying to understand.