Has pain caused you to abandon your faith in God?

Because when people say prayer changes things … you wonder why it didn’t change something for you.


It’s something we have to talk about. Because for every person who is rejoicing over answered prayer, there is someone who feels abandoned by God – particularly when it comes to losing someone you love.

This doesn’t mean we don’t pray.

It means we accept.

God is over all things. He doesn’t love you less because your loved one died.

He does love you enough to give you the comfort he promises us.


Photo credit: Leland Francisco



Yes, you can be an adult and have struggles because of your relationship with a father, mother, or both.

You may have been abandoned.

You may not have been wanted.

You may have heard lots of words spoken against you.

You may have been hurt physically.

God has wired us to overcome difficulty. You just have to want it.

But first, we begin with how much God sees your pain.


Then we ask him to help us.

And he will. In ways you may not expect. But he will.

There are times when the wind blows and causes damage.

And there are times when it’s a welcoming breeze.

Life has good and it has bad.

God is over it all.

Don’t allow what was … determine what you will be.

You have a father in Heaven who knows what you need when you

need it.


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