walls we build.

walls we build.

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.

-Jim Rohnfence

An uneven sidewalk or a cold stone wall is lifeless until the beauty of a flower makes it home.

Even a rusty fence can be home for a delicate vine.

We all have barren places in our lives. Don’t let that emptiness you feel make you hopeless. There is ugliness in life but there is also beauty. They dwell together.

It’s far too easy to become hardened and bitter, and before you know it, you’ve  built a wall of protection around yourself.

Don’t keep the beauty from growing in your life. Let it wrap around the ugliness and diminish its power of negativity, sadness, and hopelessness.


Photo Courtesy: Denis Collette…!!! / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

read nature.

read nature.

Most of the tundra is located north of the Arctic Circle – in the Frigid Zone – the coldest regions of the earth.

As winter approaches, the nights grow longer and colder as snow and ice cover the earth. The ground freezes solid.

Desolate. Barren. Empty.

Pain is like that.

But then-

Who knew this far removed region of the earth would dance with color? About 400 wildflower species announces to the world that desolation is only temporary.

The existence of pain does not mean God isn’t real. We accept winter and spring. One does not negate the other.

The arrival of spring brings comfort and tells us that God is with us.

Read nature! It helps explain life.


Photo credits: Rich Reid and Norbert Rosing




It seems as if nothing will get better.

Looking at nature, we can learn much about life.

The earth is always renewing. Winters are long and all looks barren.

But beneath the earth there is life waiting to make its appearance.


Your life may look barren.

It won’t always be that way.

The hope of spring is always in sight!