never, lord, he said.

never, lord, he said.

I don’t have a title or a ministry.

My name is not printed as a key-note speaker.

I do not stand in front of people with words of encouragement, truth, or comfort.

I am elusive.

Not on purpose. Some things just play out that way.

Sometimes we really don’t have much control over things, do we? God leads us on a course we did not intend to be on.

Some courses are detours and bring us around to where we were.

But for some, the course is a long journey of squalls and rough water.

Some would point another way – the right way. While their intentions are good, perhaps they have placed God in the box of what-it-should-look-like.

Never, Lord! he said. This shall never happen to you …

But it did.

What if God wanted to change course? Would you follow the course He laid or cling to the shore of life with the assurance of your gifts and talents?

When others sail out into the deep, do you question if “it’s God”?

How free are we? Over the years, Christians have embraced the Holy Spirit in fresh ways, making our faith tangible.

But be careful of the pain you inflict on those who are already hurting.

Be careful you don’t think you know what is best.

Be careful the awakening to live your faith with purpose does not make you stumble.

If you’ve been the recipient of words or the silence and you are fully anchored to the God who is enough, let your light shine.

Even if it’s a small, steady glow.


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