when we don’t want to.

when we don’t want to.

Since losing my oldest son 10 1/2 years ago, I have been very aware of a part of me that “holds back”.

It’s this small part deep inside. It doesn’t hurt. It just exists.

This morning, I began getting back into my walking routine. Wildflowers swayed in the meadows along the road. So calming to the soul!

I walked by several clumps of daisies. Hmm. I remember long ago, picking them and putting them in a vase on the table. But today, that small part of me kept holding me back.

Why bother.

But then I made a decision to pick them, even when I didn’t want to.

morning 3


I can’t tell you that suddenly the heavens opened up and I felt incredibly wonderful.

Instead, I felt contentment.

Contentment is underrated. We think we’re always supposed to be happy .. on top of our game .. riding a wave of accomplishment.

And if we aren’t, something is wrong.

Not true!

Do something you don’t feel like doing today.