There are many wonderful things in life that make us happy.

We should relish those things and keep them close.

But life is not always happy.

When we face  situations that make us unhappy, we feel empty. We don’t like our happiness taken away.

I believe with all my heart that God knows the next step and something good can come out of our unhappiness.

Your unhappiness has the ability to drive you to find happiness somewhere. This is why so many turn to “other” things to cope.

True and permanent happiness comes from God. I mean, he created happiness in the first place.

What does this mean? It means when you are alone in your sadness, reach out to God. Talk to him. When you draw near to him, he draws near to you. He will not force himself on you. But he gives you plenty of clues that he is around.

We all know we are happiest when all is well. This means that something in our lives is secure. We don’t have to worry. When things are out of our control, we look for something to make us happy again. Even if it’s temporary.

I read this today and this popped out to me:

Laments (deep grieving or sadness) lead to a deeper resting in Him for our happiness.


The happiness from God is deeper than any happiness found on earth. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the happy things that life gives us. It means when those happy things are not there we can still maintain a deeper, steady happiness that is like a slow burning candle deep within us.

The roots of a tree dig deeper into the earth when there is a drought.

We have to dig deeper, too.


photo from The Songs of Jesus by Timothy Keller



plants-font-type-letter-q_85542835We all have them.

Recently, a young couple and their baby were instantly killed when concrete debris fell from an overpass onto their vehicle.

But there have been similar stories when people have missed such a tragedy by seconds. Those people often say, “God was with me” or “God wasn’t done with me yet”.  Wasn’t God with the family who was killed? Was he done with them?

Personally, I have questioned why God didn’t intercept my son’s death. Finally, I had to stop asking something I was never going to get an answer for. I concluded that God knew and that was enough.

Our questions are normal. But at the end of the day, there is something we are trusting in. We turn to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, television, and more to help us cope. Understandable. But inside, we know these things are band-aids.

One day, a friend asked if she could come talk with me. She cried through a series of serious and tragic situations she was facing with her young adult children. The father was completely out of the picture.

There are no quick fixes with some situations. As a Christian, it’s not the time to say, “God loves you!” or any other scripture. Because that hurting person is not believing God loves him/her at all.

My friend’s life was like a boat in a vicious storm, ready to break into pieces. She was looking for safety.

After listening for some time, I said, “All I can tell you is this: the sun rises every morning and sets every night”.

This is a picture we can all relate to, no matter who you are or where you live. It is the picture of assurance – pointing us to the Creator of the universe – who is sovereign,  infinite, all-knowing, and faithful.

Because there are some things we cannot explain with words.

Photo credit: kendoman26 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: kendoman26 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA